Do you know that roughly one third of food produced
for human consumption is wasted?

At Délifrance we make delicious frozen bakery products which can be quickly baked on demand to meet the needs of the final consumer, thus enabling our customers to limit the amount of leftover waste.

However, at the end of the day it can still happen that there are some leftover products. At Délifrance we want to take steps to reduce the amount of waste.


Our No Waste, All taste recipes are simple recipes that have been carefully crafted by our chef Lucas and are our way of helping our customers upcycle yesterday bread or viennoiserie to create dishes their customers will love, rather than throwing them away.

Yes, of course our baked products are crafted to be enjoyed fresh out of the oven but these quality goods can be given a second chance and used to create truly mouth-watering dishes for the days to come.

Our recipes

These recipes will reduce the amount of waste, whilst also creating additional value from otherwise discarded leftovers, helping you transition into a greener, more economical kitchen.

After all, everyone deserves a second chance!


Discover our delicious brownie recipe made with stale pains au chocolat


See the full recipe


Turn yesterday bread into a delicious garlic bread


See the full recipe


Discover our indulgent recipe of almond croissant made with stale croissants


See the full recipe


The recipe of the classic French toast based on bread's leftovers


See the full recipe


Give a second life to your bread by preparing delicious rosemary croutons


View the full recipe

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