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Each of our 6 unique ranges bring a unique and diverse product offering, specifically designed to meet the consumers expectations and to help create differentiation and to navigate our product portfolio. Each has its own distinct look & feel and a specific offer of quality products to surprise and delight at every bite.



Our Délifrance Héritage range is the best that Délifrance has to offer. The essence of French baking with exceptional quality ingredients and traditional techniques. A wide selection of crafted products with an artisanal look and a unique taste.

From our rustic breads to our iconic croissant, the products use only the best quality ingredients, including cane sugar, French flour from Grands Moulins de Paris for the viennoiserie, fine natural butter and free range eggs.

The processes we use are strengthened by the passion of our people and respectful of the gestures used in artisanal making, combining long fermentation times with our unique expertise in sourdough. The result is a product of the highest quality for an indulgent taste experience.




A moment to be cherished, a range for celebration. Délifrance A la Folie brings you exquisite and sophisticated treats, made of sweet and savoury hand-made products, with a beautiful aesthetic look.

Created with the highest standard of quality, Délifrance A la Folie products are the perfect tool to empower the creativity of every chef, allowing them to create unique and surprising recipes.

From the macarons to our tart shells, our products come in a variety of sizes and flavours, to create the best fit for every palate and every occasion and deliver a highly sensorial experience

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We don’t believe in compromise. That is why we harness our unique baking expertise and tradition to create products responding to current trends - organic, superfood, gluten free, veggie, vegan…- while maintaining an exceptional taste.

Quinoa, cranberries, chia seeds, beetroot, chickpeas, flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds… are all ingredients that will delight your taste buds.



Our bakers travel the world looking for inspiration, discovering new flavours. A celebration of the world’s diversity of local cuisines, our A taste of range uses the very best recipes and ingredients from every part of the globe perfected and enhanced through our know-how.

The best iconic products from around the world with the muffins or the brownie for the US, the focaccia or ciabatta for Italy.

These products transport your senses there and back again, with just a taste of...




The core range embodies the essence of our values. We strive to bake every day delicious and we do it through our traditional products that do not compromise on taste.

We use fine ingredients and bake them to perfection creating a range of beautifully crafted products. Delivering great value and quality every day.

Délifrance products have a unique and delicious taste we wish for everyone to enjoy, every day.




Simple pleasures to suit every taste and budget without compromising quality.

Products for everyday, combining a wide range of our core, classic products. It provides the ideal solution to enjoy life’s simple pleasures on your own terms, be it while indulging in a rich and smooth mille-feuille, or while cracking open the crust of a baguette to prepare the ideal snack



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